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Introducing Victoria's S/S24 Collection: A Vibrant Symphony of Joyful Florals


At Alivia, we believe that fashion is a celebration of life's most vibrant moments, and our newest collection is a testament to that belief. We're honored to present a S/S24 collection that is as full of life and color as the artist who inspired it. Victoria's Collection has dropped— a fantastically radiant expression of happiness, creativity, and the power of embracing one's individuality. 

Victoria, a very talented 21-year-old creator with Down syndrome, infuses her love for life’s beauty into every piece of artwork she creates. Her passion for Marvel movies, the thrill of Broadway theater, the rhythm of dancing, and the warmth of time spent with friends and family all find their way into her art. The bold florals and abstract brushstrokes that define her style are not just patterns; they are Victoria's joys, captured on canvas and now, beautifully transformed into wearable statement pieces.

Participating in art therapy and programming at GiGi's Playhouse NYC, Victoria finds joy and celebration in the community. She shares that the joy of GiGi's Playhouse comes from "spending time with friends, meeting new people, celebrating holidays, and being celebrated!" These experiences are woven into the fabric of her life and the bold, joyful floral designs that characterize this collection.

A fun fact that Victoria is proud of is her love for Marvel Comics. "I watched all the movies, and my favorite superhero is Captain America," she says with a smile. This admiration for heroes that stand for justice and kindness is subtly mirrored in the beauty of her artwork, and now, in the clothes you'll wear.

Victoria's goal is to study art and design, aiming to live independently in the future. Her ambition and vision for her life are as clear and strong as the vibrant colors she chooses for her floral ponds, bloom bliss, and bold blooms artwork.

As you browse Victoria's Collection, you'll see more than just clothing— you'll witness a symphony of vibrant flowers, each stroke a melody, each hue a verse in the song of Victoria's life. The collection is a curated gallery of expressive art that brings the joy of Victoria's spirit into the everyday, offering you a chance to wear happiness on your sleeve, quite literally.

With every piece from Victoria's Collection that you choose to make your own, you're not just making a style statement; you're echoing Victoria's laughter, her dance moves, her love for the epic tales of Marvel, and her journey towards independence. You're supporting her dreams and the dreams of artists like her who find in their art a voice, a friend, and a future.

We at Alivia are proud to bring you this collection — a collection that goes beyond threads and textiles, venturing into the heart of what it means to live a full, colorful life. We celebrate Victoria and artists like her, whose bold strokes of genius remind us all to live joyfully and to share that joy with the world.

With every purchase, with every wear, join us in this exuberant celebration.

With heart and joy,

The Alivia Team